Efficient & Professional Property Management Service

Tim Harries and Partners provide an efficient and professional property management service focused on maximising the performance of investor clients’ property assets through delivering exceptional services across the full spectrum of property management and accounting.

The range of services we provide include:

  • Rent and Service Charge Collection, Credit Control and Financial Reporting – Rigorous collection of rents etc on behalf of clients, full financial reporting operating through industry standard database and accounts software.
  • Procedures for Handling Clients’ Money
  • Service Charge management – set-up, origination and control of cost budgets, contract management and the implementation of planned maintenance programmes
  • Site-based Staff management –  recruitment, training and administration
  • Tenant Management – pro-active liaison, regular meetings, dealing with applications on clients’ behalf
  • Risk Management – overseeing and dealing with Health & Safety, Fire and other environmental risks, working alongside industry specialists.
  • Marketing and Commercialisation – revenue generation, promotion, websites
  • Consultancy – independent audits and advice, dispute resolution